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Placid Boatworks Spitfire

Placid Boatworks

Sold out.

SpitFire is our redesign of the classic Adirondack pack canoe, shouldered to improve dryness and to allow more efficient, more vertical, strokes. The paddler sits slightly off the canoe bottom for great stability - just as in a kayak - and paddles with a double-blade paddle. Spitfire is larger and more efficient than the Rushton originals, increasing speed and stability, and adjusting for today's larger paddlers. Differential shear, differential rocker, asymmetrical hull shape and shouldered cross-section combine to make SpitFire the most sophisticated pack canoe ever designed. SpitFire is fun and functional for paddlers of all sizes and skill levels; loaded with tripping gear or day paddling. Easy to paddle and carry, SpitFIRE is fun for both kids and adults; a new Adirondack classic.



Length: 12'

Width: 27.5"

Material: Kevlar

Weight: 22 lbs.


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