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Mariner II Yellow used


Sold out.

The Mariner II is a slender, low resistance kayak. Its narrow waterline beam and ideal distribution of buoyancy (prismatic coefficient) allow you to maintain high cruising speeds with the least possible effort. Above the waterline the bow and stern sections flare to full volume buoyancy, providing secondary stability for a solid predictable ride in choppy seas, and lift to keep green water off the deck. Full end sections mean lots of room for cargo as well. You can pack along luxury camps and gourmet food. Your only problem will be your buddies pleading with you to carry all the stuff they can't find space for in their British-style expedition boats.

As you paddle this kayak, you will feel the famous Mariner handling characteristics as the miles slip by. This kayak responds to command. And it's beautiful! With its elegantly functional design and construction of the finest materials using the latest technology, the Mariner II is a kayak you will paddle proudly for a lifetime of exploring whichever coastlines beckon.

CONDITION: Excellent


Length: 17'11"

Width: 21.5"

Material: Carbon/Kevlar

Weight: 42 lbs.


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