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Greenland T


Sold out.

This Greenland T kayak you have to try out if you are into Greenland style of paddling. With the classic lines and low volume it has given many paddlers the joy and the interest of trying something new, or go “back to basics” traditional design. Zegul Greenland style kayaks have particularly low volume and a tight fit to your body, which gives you a full control of what you are doing and provides you with the feeling of being closer to water than ever. The Greenland style kayaks are designed with classic lines, with the hard chine all the way along the V-bottomed hull. The kayak decks are designed with low back deck for easy laid back rolls, and rather low volume of the front deck to help you on the forward rolls. The rocker in the hull design is to ease maneuvers. We built this Greenland T model at the request of the customers who wanted to use the greenland for longer trips and who wanted a roomier cockpit. There are no limits for paddlers any longer in Greenland range.



Length: 17' 8 1/2"

Width: 21 1/4"

Material: Fiberglass

Weight: 47-51 lbs

with Retractable Skeg

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