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Carve S 1pc Uncut

Werner Paddles

Sold out.

There are some SUP paddles that are very popular because of their attractive pricing. There are others that are “good” paddles, and “get the job done”, but are not very exciting…and then there are a few paddles that truly make the sport of SUP more enjoyable. The Werner Nitro fits into this category. Everything from the fit of the palm grip, to the buttery smooth feel of the carbon foam core blade slithering through the water, help to create a incredible paddling experience.
Previous to using the Nitro, I had been paddling the Werner Carve Adjustable (the fiberglass version of the Nitro) interspersed with demoing a few random blades from C4,Sawyer, NRS and Boardworks. There is no particular feature that sets the Nitro apart from the pack, but the “sum of all parts” sure seems to create a paddle that has an amazing blend of smoothness, performance, precision and quality.
We’ve got a Nitro in our demo fleet that see’s daily use on all types of water ranging from downriver and surfing, to performance touring. 


Weight: 20.75 oz

Material: Carbon


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