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Bump R8 Carbon Uncut Orange

Riviera Paddlesurf

The Riviera "BUMP" Paddle is the newest to the Riviera Paddles Line.  It comes in 2 blade widths 8" and 8.5" and is the most technical paddle we have made to date.  The "BUMP" features the same blade shape and shaft as the Vantage series, but has an added carbon fiber weave around the shaft that gives it a bumpy feel, and added grip.  Other features include the Ergo Grip Handle that fits perfectly in your hand providing a secure grip, and a satin finish that gives it a stealth look, and adds a textured, gritty feel. 



Blade Length: 17.25"
Blade Width: 8"
Blade Surface Area: 110 inch2 / 715 cm2
Total Paddle Weight: 17 oz. (approx.- uncut w/ handle) 
Angle of Blade: 10°   

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